St. Philip’s Day

St Philip croppedSt. Philip’s will celebrate our patron saint on Sunday, May 1. First Sunday Music at the 9 and 11:15 a.m. services will be Missa Gaia (“Earth Mass”) by Paul Winter, presented by St. Philip’s adult choirs with an unusual assortment of instruments. This work is in the genre of New Age/Jazz, which incorporates traditional mass texts as well as English texts — needless to say, it will be very different from our usual First Sunday Music repertoire! Attendees should plan to arrive about 10 minutes before the listed service time so as not to miss any of the music.

The idea of sharing this work came from the ongoing effort to underscore our role as stewards of the earth’s resources. Parishioner Susan Erickson said: “April 22 was Earth Day, and we are celebrating it just a little late. As we listen to this beautiful combination of voices, instruments, and sounds from nature, it will be difficult to imagine a world without nature, without wilderness, without clean air and water. Would you like to explore how, as Christians, we can protect God’s creation? The Green Team at St. Philip’s is seeking to get back on its feet. There are many ‘green issues’ to explore, both small- and large-scale. Get inspired by First Sunday music, and help shape a new environmental ministry at St. Philip’s! For more information, contact Susan Erickson.”

Music Ministry is hoping to highlight this worthy cause through our music — be prepared for some wolf and humpback whale noises on St. Philip’s Day!

st p day fiestaThe celebration continues with festivities in the Plaza. Sometimes it is good to rediscover yourself, and on St. Philip’s Day, all are invited to do just that. Come enjoy a cookout, fun, fellowship, and games as we come together and take the time to be with each other as the community of St. Philip’s In The Hills Parish. Everyone is welcome at this wonderful event. ($10 person / $25 family)



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