Advent Meditations

AdventCoverEach year, for the past seven years, St. Philip’s has offered an Advent Book of daily meditations. These daily offerings are meant to be an extension of your own reflections as you proceed through this seminal period in the church year. Many different themes have been highlighted in the past, ranging from personal reflections, to pilgrimages, inspirational music, and
spiritual callings.

This year, St. Philip’s youth groups are sharing their thoughts about Advent. As active members and the eventual inheritors of St. Philip’s, it is important to hear their thoughts as they assume leadership roles in this parish. Their lives are increasingly based on worldviews, not only in politics, governance, and the environment, but also in multi religious faiths.

Travel on this journey day by day through the twenty-five days of Advent. It is important to remember that each year you have the opportunity to begin again, to examine and to confirm your faith. Take a brief moment each day to reflect on and to renew your personal faith journey.

Sunday, November 30

Monday, December 1

Tuesday, December 2

Wednesday, December 3

Thursday, December 4

Friday, December 5

Saturday, December 6

Sunday, December 7

Monday, December 8

Tuesday, December 9

Wednesday, December 10

Thursday, December 11

Friday, December 12

Saturday, December 13

Sunday, December 14

Monday, December 15

Tuesday, December 16

Wednesday, December 17

Thursday, December 18

Friday, December 19

Saturday, December 20

Sunday, December 21

Monday, December 22

Tuesday, December 23

Wednesday, December 24

Thursday, December 25



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